18th October 2019

Dear Alumni and Friends,

On behalf of the Manchester Business School Alumni Association of 2019-20, please allow me to introduce the new Board, Mr. William Lee, the Vice-Chairman, Mr. Stefan Lam, the Honorary Secretary, Mr. Kino Fu, the Honorary Treasurer, and our Board members, Miss. Karen Yeung, Miss Priscilla Mok, Ms. Stephanie Hui, Mr. Arthur Lau, Mr. Harry Lit and Mr. Nathan Lee. My team and I are honored to run the Board at your service.

MBSAA is an association for its alumni, graduates and current students. The association has inherited a great network which can not only help us stay connected with our alumni and friends, but it also provides us with considerable resources. It is a place where individual brilliance combines to create collective greatness. We treasure the unity and greatness that the association created; such accomplishment can be observed in the active participation and contribution of our members. Moreover, it’s my privilege this year to have a brilliant team in our current Board, I trust that the professional expertise and experience of the individual board members will inject new energy and idea for constructing more benefits for our members and make MBSAA great.

We believe in Knowledge, Wisdom and Humanity: these core values of our University and Mandela once said that “a good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.” So, the Board would like to see these values and elements in action and we have a plan lined up for Knowledge, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Charity and Wellness activities and events. In Knowledge, we would like to bring in hot topics on finance and wealth management by inviting distinguished speakers from external professional bodies for seminars and talks. In Sustainable Development Goals, we would like to introduce SDGs of the United Nations by using the SDGs Game to induce self-reflection for change to co-create a sustainable world. In Charity, we would like to align with the Social Responsibility vision of the University and form volunteer teams to help the needy and give back to the community in different charity facets. In Wellness, we care about the physical as well as mental well-being of our members, so we would organize life-saving training and introduce health talks for topics like stress release and relaxation skills.

2019 also marked the 15th anniversary of the Manchester Business School Alumni Association. Originally, we would have had a celebration party in October following the AGM. However, due to unforeseen circumstances in Hong Kong and safety taking priority, we determined to cancel the event in October. But we are hopeful and plan to reschedule the celebration to Spring on March 2020, so that our alumni and friends can enjoy it more freely and have greater fun.

Finally, I would like to thank you for your past and continuous support and participation in the Alumni activities.

The current Board is looking forward to greeting you at any and all of our upcoming events!

Janny Shum
Chairman 2019-2020
Manchester Business School Alumni Association (China) Limited

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