The Manchester Business School Alumni Association (China), as known as MBSAA, is an association for the members of faculty, students, and alumni of the Alliance Manchester Business School of the University of Manchester. MBSAA is committed to strengthening alumni relations in support of the University's mission. These include providing information about the University, encouraging, and supporting the University of Manchester East Asia Center's educational relationship with students and alumni, organizing a variety of activities of interest, and providing our members with opportunities for service to the University and wider community.

Chairman’s Message

Good evening, ladies and Gentlemen,

The alumni association today has been created from each starting point where each of the alumni took action and the future depends on what we do in the present. This year’s theme is Reconnect, Co-create, Sustain. Today we took the opportunity to reconnect with every one of you, to rekindle our ties. We would like to invite you to co-create the presence of the alumni association. The Gala Dinner on 28 October, by and large, is support and created by all of you. But it is not enough. Our alumni family has so many resources and executives from prestige companies and business. So, please step forward and share with us your knowledge, introduce us to new experience, to collaborate and co-create something unique for the name of the University. This way we can strengthen our bond and sustain a long-lasting friendship, as well as the relationship with our alma mater.

The Alumni Association would also explore in topics that can bring new knowledge, introduce new sustainable practices, refresh body and mind for wellness and be a good ambassador to repay the community in charity. Please keep an eye out on our upcoming flyer and communication, and do not miss any opportunity to join the bigger alumni family.

As the three times Chairman of MBSAA, now please allow me to introduce our fantastic Board: Vice-Chairman, Ms. Fiona Fong, Honorary Secretary, Miss Briena Kam, Honorary Treasurer, Martin Leung, and the Board members: Ms. Caroline Gao, Mr. Stefan Lam, Miss Mabel Law, Miss Melody Yue, Miss Maggie Yuen, and Miss Fumiko Watanabe. I am grateful to have a diverse team and trust that the professional expertise and experience of each individual board member would inject new energy and innovative idea in organizing more fruitful activities for our members and make MBSAA shine.

My team and I are privileged to run the Board at your service. We look forward to greeting you in our next and many activities and events!

Janny Shum
Chairman 2022-2023
Manchester Business School Alumni Association (China) Limited

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The new Board expresses sincere appreciation to all individuals and companies for their support to the MBSAA (China) Gala Dinner. The generous thoughts and sponsorship have made the evening full of memorable moments. Here is the list of sponsors. - List of sponsors

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